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La Synapse community

La Synapse is managed by a team from the Office of Science and Technology Service (OST) of the Embassy of France in the United States, which coordinates its activities throughout the United States and its partnerships with French and American stakeholders. Locally, at each of La Synapse’s locations, the OST team is responsible for implementing the strategy and operational aspects of the programs.

Thus, La Synapse’s human capital is made up of the OST teams and its network of professors, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and executives across the United States. This diversity of talents and skills gives La Synapse extensive expertise and a vast network of contacts in the field of innovation.

Office for Science and Technology

The Office for Science and Technology (OST) of the Embassy of France in the United States is a network of 23 agents, based at the Embassy in Washington DC and in the Consulates General in 6 other cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It works in close collaboration with the 12 representatives of the French research organizations present at the Embassy, namely the CNRS, INSERM, CNES, CEA and INRAE. The diversity of the team's profiles brings a wealth of scientific expertise, as well as managerial, administrative and human skills. This diversity of knowledge and skills facilitates dialogue and the development of strong, lasting relationships with American scientists and managers at universities, research centers and federal agencies.

The OST aims to promote French science and technology to American players, and to strengthen transatlantic links in research and innovation. To this end, the OST keeps a scientific and technological watch on advances made by American laboratories and research institutes, and monitors local public policy and investment strategies. It initiates or consolidates bilateral partnerships and promotes student and researcher mobility through expert missions, thematic meetings, exchange programs and financial aid. More specifically, with an aim towards supporting innovation stemming from academic research, over the past 20 years the OST has developed programs to help young French startups discover the American ecosystem, as well as actions to promote the French ecosystem to researchers and entrepreneurs located in the United States. In line with this approach, the OST is now launching La Synapse, to meet the needs of French deeptech companies in terms of internationalization and attractiveness on the transatlantic axis.

Executive Office

The executive team coordinates La Synapse's strategy, programs and operations, in collaboration with its partners in France and the United States.

Mireille Guyader

Managing Director

Rami Abi Akl

Executive Director

Leah Namoune

Director of Finance

Yann Ferry

Program Manager

Richard Burke

Program Manager

Héloïse Therrat

Communication Manager

Local Offices

Local offices manage La Synapse's programs in their areas, in partnership with local ecosystem players.

Rami Abi-Akl

Science and Technology Attaché, Atlanta

Yann Ferry

Scientific Officer, Atlanta

Alexandre Bécache

Scientific Officer, Boston

Jean-Philippe Nicolaï

Science and Technology Attaché, Boston

Jean-Paul Lallès

Science and Technology Attaché, Chicago

Marie Poirot

Scientific Officer, Chicago

Renaud Seigneuric

Science and Technology Attaché, Houston

Clara Devouassoux

Science and Technology Attaché, Los Angeles

Valentine Asseman

Scientific Mission Officer, San Francisco

Karim Belarbi

Science and Technology Attaché, Los Angeles

Emmanuelle Pauliac-Vaujour

Science and Technology Attaché, San Francisco

Raegen Salais-Fabre

Science and Technology Assistant, San Francisco

Antoine Glory

Scientific Officer, Washington DC

Xavier Bressaud

Science and Technology Attaché, Washington DC

Joaquim Nassar

Science and Technology Attaché, Washington DC

Théophile Altuzarra

Scientific Officer, Washington DC

Juliette Falewée

Scientific Officer, Washington DC