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Innovation Days program

About the program

The Innovation Days program aims to promote partnerships of excellence between French and American research institutions, startups and companies, in specific fields of technological innovation.

With this in mind, Innovation Days bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists and institutions based in France and the United States, in a format that combines roundtables, visits, conferences and meetings, on a given promising theme, in an American innovation ecosystem. Innovation Days encourage synergies between science, entrepreneurship and industry on the transatlantic axis, and are organized through collaboration between La Synapse, local partners in the USA and French partners. French or American researchers, entrepreneurs, industrialists or institutions can call on our teams to set up Innovation Days on their preferred theme, and benefit from our geographical and thematic expertise and our scientific and technological network.

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Launched in Boston in 2001, under the name French American Innovation Days (FAID), the Innovation Days program is now deployed in all La Synapse locations, and beyond, in other American cities in which scientific, technological and entrepreneurial expertise is relevant to the chosen field.

Several Innovation Days are organized each year by the OST across the United States. The most recent are those on gene therapy in San Diego, with the University of California San Diego and “Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris”, and on neuroscience and artificial intelligence in Seattle, with the University of Washington and representatives of the Paris Brain Institute, “Institut Pasteur” and “INRIA”, and on autonomous vehicles in Atlanta, with Georgia Tech, Curiosity Lab and representatives from CNRS, CEA, “Université Gustave Eiffel”, “Ecole des Ponts”,” Ecole des Mines”, IRT System-X, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, Valeo and “Dassault Système”.