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Learning Expedition program

About the program

The Learning Expedition program accompanies visits by French delegations to the United States and American delegations to France. It aims both to share the best entrepreneurial practices developed in American universities and to boost the attractiveness of French deeptech ecosystems.
With this in mind, a Learning Expedition offers an agenda of meetings and visits involving scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists and institutions, to a French or American delegation, in the USA or France respectively. A Learning Expedition could be general, or focus on a specific scientific or technological theme. In this way, the program encourages the sharing of ideas and synergies on the transatlantic axis. A Learning Expedition is organized through collaboration between La Synapse and French or American partners. It could support the “Pépite” or “i-PhD” programs of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, strengthen the innovation and deeptech entrepreneurship curriculum of the “grandes écoles”, universities or research organizations, or support attractive programs of French metropolises and regions. Potential partners are invited to contact La Synapse directly to discuss the most appropriate format and the most relevant American innovation ecosystem. This program has been designed to formalize the support for delegations provided by the Office for Science and Technology, to make it accessible to as many partners as possible, and to ensure follow-up with the supported delegations.

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